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Director – Marni Leikin
52 Institute Road
Burlington, VT 050401

ACE Academy at Burlington Tech provides education opportunities for anyone in our community to take advantage of. With evening classes in everything from Plumbing Basics to Baking, there is truly something for everyone!

Gain a trade skill, learn a language or just have some fun with an artistic course!

Check out the courses we’re offering for the coming semester, listed below. Registration can be completed online, or you can contact us directly with any questions.

Financial Aid

Do you need financial aid to pay for classes? Please visit www.vsac.org and inquire about their non-degree grant program. Qualifying students can have up to two classes paid for each semester by the VSAC Non-Degree Grant, Grant amounts can cover tuitions up to $2500.00. Again please visit www.vsac.org or contact us at 1-802-864-8426 for more information.

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