February 10, 2017

About us


Burlington Technical Center (BTC) provides students with the opportunity to explore careers and acquire skills in comprehensive technical programs of study.  All students are supported in working toward individual goals through immersive, hands-on study with highly trained professional instructor mentors in state-of-the-art labs and classrooms, and through experiential learning opportunities.

Our half-day programs are a unique opportunity for students to develop academic and technical knowledge and skills in a morning or afternoon session while attending classes at their sending high school.  BTC offers twelve programs for juniors and seniors and a new, one-year Pre-Tech Exploratory program (three credits toward high school graduation) for freshman and sophomores.  Students attend BTC daily in one session: morning (9:35-11:47 a.m.) or afternoon (12:09-2:21 p.m.).

Juniors and seniors complete a technical program in two years.  Each of the twelve programs offer one to two academic credits and four to five elective credits for a total of six credits toward high school graduation.  In addition, many BTC programs qualify for dual enrollment credits that award eligible students college credits through transferable credit agreements with colleges.

BTC programs support students’ Personalized Learning Plan goals, offering Flexible Pathways to graduation, careers, and postsecondary education through high school credits, dual enrollment college credits, internships and Co-op work opportunities, and industry credentials and/or licenses.

Our programs offer:

Embedded high school credits
BTC students earn core academic credits in math, science, social studies, or art which are approved by the Vermont State Board of Education and meet state high school graduation requirements. Full details on embedded credits are listed in the course descriptions below.

Dual-enrollment college credits
Many BTC programs offer students dual enrollment college credits (up to 18 credits) for free or at a significantly reduced rate within the program’s integrated curriculum. Dual enrollment credits and the opportunity to build a college transcript with transferable credits is valuable for students pursuing postsecondary education goals.

Professional certifications
Many BTC programs offer pathways to earn industry recognized professional certifications and/or licenses related to their technical fields as students build specialized and transferable skills.

Internships and work-based (Co-op) experience
Students participate in internships and may be eligible for paid work (Co-op) positions across technical fields at BTC through partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

Career Technical Student Organizations
BTC programs opt to participate in SkillsUSA activities and competitions as they prepare students for the workforce, higher education, and continued community involvement.  

Interdisciplinary studies:
BTC offers students connections across fields and programs through working and collaborating with other students on challenging projects.

Who is Eligible to Apply to BTC Programs?

Current 10th grade high school students who are going into 11th grade and are from a sending school within Chittenden County are eligible to apply to Burlington Technical Center if they have: At least 10 credit hours 
Have visited BTC during a scheduled Open Lab or Open House

What is the process to apply to BTC?

Four easy steps!

1.  Visit the program of interest: BTC hosts a number of school visits (Open Labs) and an annual Open House. If you missed a visit, we can arrange a time for you. See your school counselor for details.

2.  Prerequisites: Applicants must have a minimum of 10 high school credits, including 2 credits in math, science, social studies, and English by June, 2017 for 11th-12th grade programs of study, to be eligible for the 2017-18 school year.

3.  This application form (link) must be completed and signed by the student, school counselor, advisor, and/or case manager (if applicable), and parent/guardian.

4.  Submit application to your school counselor by March 17, 2017. School counselors will submit applications to BTC with transcript, attendance, and discipline records. School counselors may forward applications to BTC in one of the following ways:

  • Email scanned PDF to: btcAdmissions@bsdvt.org
  • Mail to: 52 Institute Rd., Burlington, VT 05408
  • Fax to: 802-864-8521
  • Arrange pickups at your school by calling BTC: 802-864-8426


Priority placement will be given to students with junior status, defined as having earned a minimum of ten high school credits upon admission to BTC.

Note: Special educators and school counselors are encouraged to contact our Student Services Coordinator (802-864-8423) with any questions.

Students must be 16 years old upon admission to BTC and must have at least tenth grade standing.  An “Early Admissions” request must accompany the application of a younger student, and either a counselor or special educator must contact the BTC guidance coordinator prior to application.

Students and school counselors will be notified as soon as possible regarding each student’s official admission to BTC.  

All students will be on a probationary status for 10 technical center school days, beginning with the first day of attendance.  This phase will be used for curriculum-based assessment and to determine the appropriateness of placement.  Students will automatically be granted full standing after the probationary period unless notified of continued probationary status or withdrawal.

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