November 6, 2015

Design & Illustration


half-day / 2 years / 3 elective credits per year / college credits available
Instructors: Colleen Murphy & Justin Gonyea

This is the program for anyone interested in the visual arts, whether you are seriously considering Art School or just want to explore different mediums. With a focus on building your portfolio, you will be exposed to many different forms of art, from the foundation of observation drawing to the technology of the Adobe family of software. Every student builds a professional portfolio, one-on-one with an instructor, that can be used to apply to Art Schools or even entry level positions.

Design & Illustration's curriculum is project based. You'll learn Photography by shooting a series of images in a theme that's important to you. You'll learn digital illustration by creating things like greeting cards and magazines that you will actually print and use. This two year, half day program is the most demanding and rewarding art class offered to Vermont's high school students. 



Drawing what's right in front of you. From still-life to figure drawing, we put a lot of importance on these fundamentals.


We work with all mediums to express ideas visually. From pencils and pens to digital Wacom drawing tablets.


We learn black & white film photography in our darkroom and digital photography with our Canon and Nikon DSLRs and Adobe Photoshop.


Starting with the principles of design, like composition and balance, we learn to solve problems visually. Using the full Adobe family of software we layout magazines, mockup websites, create advertisements and so much more.


We paint, we collage, we draw!

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