November 23, 2015

Digital Media Lab


half-day / 2 years / 3 elective credits per year / science credit upon completion / college credits available
Instructor: Jason Raymond  

The Digital Media Lab is the place for students who are seriously interested in electronic music, podcasting, graphic design, digital video, FX, photography, and emerging media (including animation, apps for mobile devices, and game design). This class is fun, fast, and focused. It’s a project-based learning structure, where students work both independently and in groups on a variety of media projects. Ready to start creating?

The Digital Media Lab (DML) collaborates with other classes, outside organizations, companies, and non-profits to mix student learning both in and outside of the classroom for real world experience using digital media. Making stuff with other people is fun and a great way to develop your people skills!


Build your audio production abilities through skills like making samples, chopping beats, podcast interviewing, creating audio soundscapes (sounds in movies are called FOLEY), and designing electronic music. Get your hands on industry standard software and learn the latest techniques in sound production.


If you can imagine it---you can design and make it, through industry standard image manipulation techniques and software.


Is it fiction? Is it reality? Explore the world of video production from narrative, short film to documentary and all points in between. Use industry standard post-production software to create digital FX and compelling visual stories. Students will explore acting, directing, cinematography, and other related topics and positions during the video component of this course.


Media platforms and software are constantly evolving at a faster and faster pace, and digital media producers must not only be skilled at what already exists but also open to new or emerging trends as they are developing. DML students are encouraged to explore additional topics in animation, game design and other digital media making areas throughout the program.


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