January 2, 2016

Health Sciences Academy


half-day / 2 years / Year 1 Credits: 2.5 Elective & 0.5 Social Studies 
Year 2 Credits: 2 Elective and 1 Science / college credits available  Program of Study Sheet
Instructors: Wendy D. King PT, M.Ed. & Betsy McLane MT, M.Ed., Tracy Centracchio, BSN, RN

The Health Sciences Academy is a vigorous two-year college preparatory program that meets for just over two hours per day, five days per week. The curriculum and instruction prepares students to pursue further education towards a career in medicine. 

The first year curriculum includes the study of Anatomy & Physiology (the structure and function of the human body) with integrated Medical Terminology. Second semester, Human Growth and Development (exploring physical, cognitive and social-emotional development through the life span) is added to the curriculum. Study strategies are taught in the early part of the first year and reinforced throughout the duration of the program.

In the second year the curriculum also includes an in-depth study of nutrition, including nutritional considerations for the athlete. Students are placed in shadow experiences in their identified area of interest, allowing them to acquire valuable observational experience as well as the chance to interact with medical professionals.






As we progress through Anatomy and Physiology we cover the associated medical terminology, associated diseases (pathologies) as well as evaluation and treatment procedures specific to the body system being covered.


Students participate in laboratory experiences including microscopic analysis, dissection, phlebotomy (blood drawing), massage, microbiology and wound care.


Students are also introduced to medical instruments such as reflex hammers, hot and cold packs, blood pressure cuffs, EKG's and inspirometers. Life-like computerized manikins are used to simulate patients and introduce students to normal and abnormal patient findings.

The career areas introduced in this program are considered to be “Priority Occupations” that provide high wages, require high level skills, have a growing job market, have a limited supply of qualified workers and have a strong social need.

Qualified students may earn up to seventeen transcripted college credits through dual enrollment agreements with Vermont Technical College and the Community College of Vermont. Previous students have successfully transferred these credits to highly esteemed colleges and universities.

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