Programming & Computer Sciences

HS Credits for 2 Year Program:
Year 1 – 3.0 Elective Credits
Year 2 – 2.0 Elective Credits and 1.0 Science Credit
VT Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs)​: BTC is currently in the process of
aligning PBGRs for Grade 11-12 Programs.
Dual Enrollment/College Credit: ​CCV: Intro to Python Programming (3.0 credits)

This program provides students with foundational programming skills applicable to almost any programming language with an emphasis on Python, JavaScript, and C. Students will learn how to apply mathematics and analytics to solve complex problems to build solutions with digital tools and explore computational thinking and design processes. Through hands-on instruction, students will program applications for mobile technology, work on projects in programmable electronics and robotics, and apply skills and knowledge to create solutions on interdisciplinary projects.

Students completing this program continue their studies in Computer Science related fields such as: Systems Architecture, Programming, and Software development, or enter into entry level jobs in microchip or computer manufacturing.

Prerequisites/Recommended Skills:
Proficiency in problem solving and analytical thinking skills, and recommended experience with basic to Algebra level math.

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