January 15, 2016

Studio B

Studio B brings all the creative ideas and talents in our Tech Center programs together. Programs at the Tech Center can post multidisciplinary projects to the Studio B Project Board. Programs can work together for the first time to build creatively and solve problems. What if you could work with students, instructors and mentors to...

  • create opportunities for Early Childhood Education in Scratch, programmable robots and MakeyMakey projects? What if students from Electronic Recording Arts program were asked to help build video documentation of learning and teaching practice? Work with many different people in different programs to prototype to build learning paths for young children, and older students in many diverse ways.
  • prototype parts, planes, perform flight tests and simulations in the BTC Aviation Program?
  • build electronic modifications into cars, or prototype new designs and customizations with Auto Body and Auto Tech?  
  • design, build prototype models and bring metal sculptures to life with students in Design and Illustration and Welding programs?


We’re creating partnerships with Burlington Generator, Champlain College to explore new ideas. The possibilities are endless and we’re looking for your creativity.

Build a Foundation of Skills

Every student will build a foundation of skills as part of their Studio work that can open incredible new doors in creativity!

  • Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Web Development

  • Programming and Robotics
  • Design Basics
  • Computer Hardware and Networking
  • 2D and 3D Design
  • 3D Printing
  • Instructional Design (ISD)
  • Tool skills: Soldering, routing, vinyl, electronics / electrical
  • Web Development (personal / professional portfolio)

Maker Space Spirit: The Next level

Take your Foundation Skills and then apply them to the next level!  

Our Artist in Residence program will bring in the best Makers from around the area. Work with the best in their BTC studio space and incorporate their knowledge and expertise into one of the following areas:

Programming and Robotics

We’re hiring a specialist in this field to take you on a journey to learn programming fundamentals and to build skills in Python, Perl and Java over one or two years. Combine those skills into building basic robots on through unique constructions in a large lab environment. Build robots for function, art, or to solve problems in today’s world!

Self-Defined Project: Solo or Team

Feed your passion! Extend a Core Lab Skill into a full scale, immersive project or build your own idea! You’ll have the time, mentorship and connections to do so. We’ll help you connect with experts around the world and professional mentors! Build up your idea with a foundation from our core values. And who knows… explore working for a business or starting your own through our entrepreneurship program!

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