Colton Poulin, 2019 Golden Wrench Award Recipient.

Congratulations to Automotive Science & Technology student Colton Poulin, winner of Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts 2019 Golden Wrench Award.

Colton Poulin, Andy Barnett from VAE and instructor Robert Church.

Awarded since 2014 – Sixteen junior high school students in their automotive technology programs were honored for their hard work, dedication and knowledge in the field.

The honored students received…

Top of the line Mac Tools valued around $600
A letter of commendation
A marble trophy in the student’s name
2 copies of the book by Diandra Leslie-Pelecky “The Physics of NASCAR, The Science Behind the Speed”
(One copy for the student and one for the instructor)
Four free-admission Stowe Show tickets for the student and Ten for the instructor
One year membership to the Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts

Golden Wrench Award Scholarship

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