BTC’s Student Spotlight highlights students in BTC Programs to learn more about them and what brought them along their journey to the BTC Community. Each month will feature a student from a different program and highlight their interests, goals, and future plans after BTC!

Photo taken by Digital Media Lab Student Courtney Fredericks

Colton Poulin: Photos taken by Digital Media Lab Student Courtney Fredericks

Name: Colton Poulin

Grade: 12

Sending School: Burlington High School

BTC Program: Automotive Science & Technology

Favorite Hobby: Working with my hands, building and creating things

Favorite Food: Pancakes

Favorite Celebrity: Steve Carell

Reason for Choosing BTC: My brother took it so it intrigued me, but the main reason was that I was excited to learn and develop skills outside of the normal school curriculum, skills and knowledge that I truly wanted to learn

What do you like most about your BTC Program: I like the sense of camaraderie, how as a class you learn to work together and effectively problem-solve and dig deeper into the understanding of the skills we’ve learned. As well as take knowledge from other classes and relate that knowledge, whether it be math, science or a combination of the two, and apply it to the real world.

Post-BTC Plan: My plan as of now is to go to college and get a level of education so I can do what I love and at the same time understand the reasoning and purpose behind why it is done. I have’nt quite set out a perfect map, however, I would like to pursue my current interests in the fire service and hopefully get a paid position. Following that I would like to start an auto shop of my own someday.

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