It’s your BTC Counselor Zac P. here with 2019’s first installment of Counselor Tips,  some quick, useful advice and links to help navigate the crazy life of a high school student!


You know what the best part about Summer is……FREEDOM!


Just when you couldn’t get enough of this so called “freedom” thing…. September comes calling again and whaddya know now its October!


Some helpful hints for handling all the sudden school work, activities, social gatherings, etc.


  • Make a schedule and STICK TO IT!
  • Communicate
  • Build relationships: get to know classmates, teachers, faculty, etc.
  • ALWAYS make time for yourself & YOUR needs
  • Plan ahead!
  • Prioritize YOUR daily actions


You can never have too much “ME TIME”


Check out this quick video if you’re looking for some extra motivation 


Thank you for taking the time to read this message. My students, if you are ever in need of some TIME, come find me @ BTC or send me an email (


Counselor out!




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