BTC’s Student Spotlight highlights students in BTC Programs to learn more about them and what brought them along their journey to the BTC Community. Each month will feature a student from a different program and highlight their interests, goals, and future plans after BTC!

Mynard Pease: Photo taken by Digital Media Lab Student Courtney Fredericks

Name: Mynard Pease

Grade: 12th

Sending School: BHS

Program: Welding

Favorite Hobby: Playing Chess

Favorite Food: Ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food)

Favorite Celebrity: John Oliver

Reason for Choosing BTC: I wanted to learn how to work with metal with the option to use Welding experience for a future job

What do you like most about your BTC Program: I like the access to using tools and the open setting which allows me to make really cool projects

What is your Post-BTC Plan: My Post-BTC plan is to attend a college/university. Not sure which one yet.

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