Programming & Computer Science


This project-based program prepares students in one of three related career pathways: Programming, Web Development, or Cybersecurity.

First year students learn fundamentals for each pathway, which apply to all: web basics (HTML and CSS), coding basics (JavaScript), and Linux command line basics (using Virtual Machines). 

Second year students apply these skills to create digital portfolios with WordPress, text adventure games with HTML, CSS and Javascript and participate in the US Air Force’s CyberPatriot simulation. 

Students also learn communication and presentation skills as they teach each other via presentations and screencasts, and thorough Quality Assurance and Help Desk services. In year two, students apply these skills to deeper projects and simulations, connecting to mentors, clients and collaborators through remote Work-Based Learning experiences.

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Web Development students staff a free web redesign clinic, obtaining personal references and digital portfolio artifacts. 

Programming students help maintain an open-source project with peers and mentors, developing team freelancing skills. 
Cybersecurity students offer digital security audits to organizations and individuals, building business and customer relations skills.
High School credits available include: 


• Computer Network Architect
• Database Administrator
• Information Security Analyst
• Programmer
• Systems and Data Analyst
• Software Developer
• Software Quality
• Assurance Engineer
• Website Developer


Bram Moreinis, M.A., M.Ed

A career educator with a love of technology service-learning, Bram has advanced degrees in teaching and educational administration from Columbia Teachers College and Instructional Design from the University of Massachusetts. Bram developed Tech Scouts, a student tech support shop curriculum, for the flagship of the Coalition of Essential Schools and ran it in four other high schools.  

Bram later took a 10-year hiatus from public schooling to form a web development company with students, and later ran a summer web design program where students upgraded websites for community-based organizations. He brings a student-centered, project-based, entrepreneurial approach to teaching computer science.

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Program Outcomes

Students completing this program continue their studies in certificate and degree programs in Computer Science-related fields, support college with freelance computing work, and participate in open source software development and civic hacking community service.

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