Culinary Arts

HS Credits for 2 Year Program:
Year 1 – 3.0 Elective Credits
Year 2 – 2.0 Elective Credits and 1.0 Science Credit
VT Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs)​: BTC is currently in the process of
aligning PBGRs for Grade 11-12 Programs.
Industry Recognized Certifications: ​ServSafe Food Handler, ServSafe Food Manager

This program encompasses many aspects of the foodservice industry, including practicing and
mastering essential safety and sanitation standards, cooking and baking methods, menu and
recipe development, nutrition, global cuisine, restaurant management, entrepreneurship, table
service and employability skills such as time management, communication and reliability.
Students incorporate skills into running a full service restaurant as well as fulfilling requests for
special events and baked goods. Also included within this program are career readiness and
exploration of many different types of culinary related jobs such as food stylist, banquet chef,
pastry chef, food scientist, food journalist, food sales and marketing, just to name a few.

Successful students either enter the workforce directly, or continue to post-secondary education
in culinary arts programs (such as New England Culinary Institute, Johnson and Wales
University, and the Culinary Institute of America).

Prerequisites/Recommended Skills:
Strong math and reading skills are recommended for culinary arts for successfully completing
recipes, formulas, and for accurate measurement and conversions.

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