Welding & Metal Fabrication

HS Credits for 2 Year Program:
Year 1 – 3.0 Elective Credits
Year 2 – 2.0 Elective Credits and 1.0 Math Credit
VT Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs)​: BTC is currently in the process of
aligning PBGRs for Grade 11-12 Programs.
Industry Recognized Certifications: ​American Welding Society (AWS) Structural Welder
SMAW 3G 1” Plate, SP/2 safety certification.

In this program students will learn the fundamentals of Mig welding, Tig welding, stick welding,
and other cutting-edge welding processes. Students will have opportunities to apply academic
and technical skills in welding and metal fabrication and demonstrate creativity and innovation
through individualized projects and practice. Students learn how to use SolidWorks to design
and Plasma Cam to cut individual projects which can be fabricated and welded in the shop.
Qualified students will have the opportunity to obtain industry approved welding certifications
and participate in work-based learning opportunities and co-op placements with instructor

Students who have successfully completed the program are able to immediately enter
the job market (Hazelett’s, Fab-Tech, PG Adams, Blodgett Oven). Students have also gone on
to further their education in programs at Lincoln Technical Institute and Advance Welding

Prerequisites/Recommended Skills:
Successful students entering the program will have mathematics coursework in pre-algebra or
geometry, and 10th grade level reading skills.

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