Burlington Technical Center Student Application Form

Students are to complete this application online. In addition to this student application, for consideration ofย acceptance; counselors must indicate their recommendation and forward academic information to BTC (transcript, assessment scores, attendance records). Applications are due March 13, 2020 with rolling applications based on availability after this date.

Applicant Information

Your email address should be your user name.
For the highest level of security, we recommend you use our system-generated password. Be sure to make a record of it so you can login later.

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Burlington Tech Center Programs

Select the program would you most like to attend.


Some BTC programs have safety risks due to the nature of the equipment and tools used in those programs.

Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)

It is required that tech center program enrollment be reflected in a student's Personalized Learning Plan if they chose to attend a career and technical education program. Our programs are an important element of Flexible Pathways to graduation. The programs are integral to your current high school work and your post-high school plans for college and career readiness.

Next Steps to Enrollment

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