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Burlington Technical Center (BTC) provides students with the opportunity to explore careers and acquire skills in comprehensive technical programs of study.

All students are supported in working toward individual goals through immersive, hands-on study with highly trained professional instructors, experts in their career fields, in state-of-the-art labs and classrooms, and through experiential learning opportunities.

BTC’s half-day programs are a unique opportunity for students to develop academic and technical knowledge and skills in a morning or afternoon session while attending classes at their sending high school. BTC offers a one-year Tech Foundational Program (Design Tech) for students in grades 9 or 10, and eleven (11) two-year Technical Programs.

Most students starting our two-year programs are entering their junior year in high school. Students attend BTC daily in one session: morning (9:35-11:47 a.m.), or afternoon (12:09-2:21 p.m.).

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Students in this program will learn the fundamentals aspects of manufacturing, engineering, and design processes through both academic and hands-on work. A number of projects will be completed throughout the year which are specifically designed to build the students’ ability to conceptualize a product, design that product, make that product, and, subsequently, evaluate the process. Throughout the year, students will progressively increase knowledge in four target areas: 
• Precision measurement (English and Metric) 
• Communication (presentation, mechanical drawing, and 3D design using SolidWorks) 
• Fabrication (sheet metal, welding, machining, 3D printing) 
• Data analysis (MS Excel or equivalent)


Students in this program will acquire the knowledge and skills to repair and refinish vehicles with a hands-on, minds-on approach

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Students will learn how engines work, troubleshoot common engine problems and fuel system issues, analyze and complete vehicle manufacture repair algorithms.

Gov Scott Visits BTC's Aviation Program 1G4A0005

This program is a highly technical and multidisciplinary curriculum that teaches students not only
how aircraft work, but how to troubleshoot, inspect and maintain those aircraft. 

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This program provides students with an introduction into careers in a variety of fields related to criminal justice, corrections, homeland security, juvenile justice, rehabilitation services and victim advocacy, and law.

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This program encompasses many aspects of the foodservice industry, including practicing and
mastering essential safety and sanitation standards, cooking and baking methods, menu and
recipe development, nutrition, global cuisine, restaurant management, entrepreneurship, table
service and employability skills such as time management, communication and reliability.

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This program is for students prepared to be challenged to expand their expertise in the arts and visual communication. 

Working 3d printer

Design Tech is designed to prepare students for the following technology cluster of grade 11-12 Programs of Study at BTC: Programming and Computer Science, Digital Media Lab, and Design and Illustration.

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This program provides an introduction to digital media production with a focus on electronic music, podcasting, digital video, graphic design, VFX, photography, and emerging media (examples include animation, VR, apps for mobile devices and game design).

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This program immerses students in rigorous academics (anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, human growth and development, microbiology and nutrition), practical applications (medical assessment techniques, such as vital signs, reflex testing, goniometry, electrocardiography, diagnostic lab testing ), and experiential learning (including dissections, job-shadowing, simulated job interviews). 

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This program provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed to work with a diverse group of people in entry level professions such as mental health, community development, respite and health organizations, and education. 


The study of anatomy & physiology will be the foundation for experiential learning such as dissections, skills training in our simulated hospital room, and learning medical assessment techniques such as vital signs, blood glucose testing, and head to toe assessment.

ACE Academy at Burlington Tech provides education opportunities for anyone in our community to take advantage of. With evening classes in everything from Plumbing Basics to Baking, there is truly something for everyone!

Dan Capps EL Teacher

BTC offers EL students in and out-of-class support, guided study labs, differentiated curriculum, and individualized learning strategies to support academic achievement and help students work toward their personal, academic, and career goals.

Engineers examining machine and engineer

Students participate in Work-Based Learning experiences and may be eligible for paid work (Co-op) positions across technical fields at BTC through partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

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